Point Ruston Area Monthly Parking Available

Covered parking at Waterfront Market in Ruston Washington
Covered parking at Waterfront Market in Ruston Washington

Covered and Gated Parking in the Point Ruston Area

MONTHLY PARKING: Demand was high and Waterfront Market at Ruston has only a few monthly parking spaces still available. These gated, covered and incredibly convenient monthly parking spaces are going fast and once they are gone, there will be a long waiting list. Waterfront Market at Ruston has one of the cleanest parking garages in the Tacoma area. To learn more about the spaces, contact our parking manager via the link below: 

Monthly Parking Request

Mother’s Day Shopping in Tacoma: We Have Your Back

Shopping for Mother's Day in Tacoma at Waterfront Market at Ruston

2023 Mother’s Day Event Details are here.

Shopping for Mother's Day in Tacoma at Waterfront Market at Ruston

Mother’s Day gift shopping can be tough. Finding that perfect gift for mom is something we all struggle with…until now. Waterfront Market at Ruston has lots of great unique, thoughtful and useful gifts for mom, so many in fact, we can’t list them all here. 

With over 30 vendors, all with different tastes, styles and backgrounds, that unique gift is sitting right here, waiting to be found. Most of the products you will find are locally sourced and when purchasing from our local vendors, you are supporting small business in the Tacoma area which is the backbone of our economy

Here is just a taste of the unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day here at Waterfront Market at Ruston:

Marcus Harper GlassWorks

Unique handmade works of art for mom.

West Coast Laser Design

Personalized products for mom.

Eco Repurpose Boutique

Dally Leather

Onsite Saturday and Sunday Offering 10% off for moms.

Dewdrop’s Perch

International Women’s Day 2022

International Women's Day at Waterfront Market at Ruston
International Women's Day Logo
Waterfront Market at Ruston

A market is only as good it’s vendors and many of our vendors here at the Waterfront Market are female owned and operated.

Today is International Women’s Day and the Waterfront Market at Ruston wanted to give a wholehearted shout out to all of our woman owned businesses. Without your strong leadership, incredible market insights, business savviness and incredible products, the Waterfront Market would not be what it is today.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Significant activity is witnessed worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements or rally for women’s equality. This year’s theme is about breaking the bias, working towards a world that is free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. 

Below are just some of Waterfront Market’s women owned businesses and some stories, bios and offerings celebrating the International Women’s Day 2022:

Taco Street Owner - Elonka Perez

Elonka Perez – Taco Street

“Being a Woman in business has many challenges and obstacles. I find inspiration from all the talented & extremely devoted women around me. Success never comes easy, and these women never give up. With each challenge that lays in front of us I witness resolve and determination to achieve the goals we’ve set.  Balancing motherhood, personal life, and the desire to reach new heights in business has been the adventure of a lifetime and I hope that I’ve been able to show my daughter and all the other ladies along the way that there are no limits and only opportunities.

I would be nothing if it weren’t for the amazing team of women that I work with daily. Thank you all so much for all you’ve taught me along the way. “

Black Fleet Brewing

Laura Byce – Black Fleet Brewing

“This weekend Black Fleet Brewing will be featuring Thea legacy at the market place .  This American wheat ale originally brewed with Tammy Trinkle and Deidre Foss the great great great granddaughter of Thea Foss.  Thea’s Legacy is an American wheat ale brewed with cherry blossoms and rose petals.  It’s dedicated it to Thea Foss for her entrepreneurship well as her Contribution to the Tacoma community and women throughout our nation.  Tammy Trinkle was a pioneer in her own right as well as one of the few women who help build the Tacoma Dome, she contributed and broke barriers for women throughout our area.  Available in 32 ounce and 16 ounce cans this brew is so popular we bring it back every year in celebration of women everywhere.  Black Fleet Brewing is a woman owned business.  Today (Tuesday) Caitlyn Byce and Kyle Maxwell will be brewing a hibiscus brew which will be available for Mother’s Day.”

Pashmina Palace Owner

Annika Jones – Pashmina Palace

Annika Jones is the owner of Pashmina Palace, a clothing brand at the Waterfront Market at Ruston. Annika is local designer that “wanted to work with women and make them feel beautiful”.  She has been at the Waterfront Market since the very beginning. After viewing the location for the first time, she knew this is where she wanted her business and loves the community aspect of working at the market. Annika is not only an immigrant, but an orphan as well. Annika mentioned that one trait she feels is most important for female business owners is perseverance and never giving up.


LaDonna Olmstead – Tea Madame

LaDonna is one of our newest female business owners at the Waterfront Market. Her business, Tea Madame is a one stop shop for anything tea related and is HIGHLY rated by her customers. She is one of the local authorities on tea and is a certified tea educator and has a total of three stores. Driven: That’s a word I would use to describe LaDonna. Her vision required her to be 100% in charge, she needed to be in control. It’s her vision, focus and the ability to execute that is making Tea Madame a very sought-after brand name in the tea industry. She only does business here in Peirce County and love the local Tacoma community. She is launching some tea tasting classes here at the market. These educational classes are super popular amongst the tea community.  

Lilly - Sunflower Soul Apothecary

Lilly Laurore – Sunflower Soul Apothecary

“Hi My name is Lily I own and operate Sunflower Soul Apothecary formerly known as Sage Onyx Soapery. I am proud to be an International women of color and women veteran. My business creates natural and artisan style soaps, aromatherapy and provide spiritual wellness items.”

Eco Repurpose Boutique

Norma Irish – Eco Repurpose Boutique

Eco Repurpose Boutique is owned and operated by Norma Irish a U. S. Army Veteran and minority women. Our mission is to find unique products that are eco friendly, cruelty free, made by people that are treated with respect and paid a livable wage. Our motto, “Recycling in a fashionable way!””

If you are woman business owner and looking for a vendor location for your local business, please reach out to us, we would love to see what you have to offer the Waterfront Market at Ruston.

Bring Your Dog

Bring Your Dog

We love it when our visitors bring there little pups to the market! The Ruston waterfront is a great place to walk your dog. Swing by the market and make a day of it! We also have a number of pet vendors. Come find that perfect gift for your doggo!

You find water dishes around the market for when your pups get thirsty. While you are at the market with you pet, be sure to check out our pet-focused vendors and pick up a treat for the doggo!